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Publicado el: 2017-03-02

Descripción de la Empresa

Outsourcing de Recursos Humanos

Detalles del Puesto

Area del Puesto


Ubicación del Puesto

Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica


1,377,000 (Moneda Local)

Funciones del Puesto

coordination and investigation of mid to high level Information and Network Security incidents.
The role will require a balance of technical (programming / Network) and non-technical (analysis / investigative) skills.
• Collect, investigate and report on Information and Network Security Incidents
• Prepare timely , detailed, accurate and factual Investigation Reports supported by evidence collected as a result of the investigation
• Perform data extraction and analysis using self-developed scripts, programs, and analytic tools
• Collect and document forensic artifacts to support the investigative effort
• Work with internal vendors to define signatures and processes for detecting the malware
• Actively engage with the Cyber Investigation Managers and Security Incident Management Team leads to ensure they are kept apprised of any significant changes during the progress of an investigation
• Actively engage in liaison activities with, Law Enforcement, Industry Associations, peer institutions, and information sharing communities.
• Timelyreport into the official support systems the investigative activities.


Nivel Académico

Bachillerato Universitario

Nivel de Cómputo

Analista de Sistemas

Requisitos del Puesto

• A Bachelor's degree in a computing-related course of study with a high academic performance or a suitable combination of education and experience.
• Minimun 3 years of Information and Network Security Experience
• Excellent English skills (Reading, Listening Writting).

Experiencia Deseada

• Recognized Information Security Industry Certification such as CISSP, CISM, CRISC, etc
• Information and / or Network Security Experience
• Familiarity with Large Networks, including but not limited to IDS, Proxy and DNS logs
• Familiarity working in complex database environments
• Knowledge of Network Forensic tools and investigation techniques
• Knowledge of malicious code intent, infection vectors, and malware operation with the demonstrated ability to analyze malware including Trojan Horses, Worms and Viruses.
• Experience in using malware research tools including dis-assemblers (IDAPro), debuggers (Immunity Debugger, OllyDbg), hex editors, un-packers, virtual machines, network sniffers / packet capture tools and other reverse engineering tools
• Experience with scripting or programming languages, including but not limited to Visual Basic, MySQL, C, C++, Perl, Python and / or SQL Oracle Database development.
• Strong technical skills in popular computer operating systems such as Windows and Mobile computing platforms such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Symbian, etc
• Experience with web base programming language such as HTML, Java Script and VB Script.
• Familiarity with cybercrime and cyber-attacks, responsible groups, motivations and TTP’s
• Knowledge of commonly compromised file formats, for example, PDF, PHP.


Español: 100%
Inglés: 90%

Habilidades Deseadas

• Excellent English skills (Reading, Listening Writting).
• Strong organizational and project management skills – ability to manage multiple clients and multiple deadlines.
• Critical thinking and troubleshooting skills
• Excellent analytical, technical writing and presentation skills

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